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Suburb Seeker Helps Focus Your Property Search


When you start to think about buying your first home, you’ll need to know where to look. ASBs new online tool Suburb Seeker helps our customers understand where in New Zealand they could be best placed to buy.

ASB Suburb Seeker was inspired by talking to customers about their pain points when buying a home. We recognise that knowing where to look in the rapidly changing housing market can prove tricky, time-consuming and often, discouraging. To make it easier – especially for first home buyers to know where to start, Suburb Seeker helps customers find suburbs or areas where they may be able to afford to buy a property within their budget based on specific criteria.

“ASB Suburb Seeker provides another layer to the house hunting process, particularly for first home buyers looking to get a feel for how the market’s priced, helping them evaluate what they might need to trade-off.” - ASB general manager product and strategy Carl Ferguson.

To visit ASB Suburb Seeker, click here.

How ASB Suburb Seeker works:

Enter your budget and house requirements (including number of bedrooms, proximity to schools, airports, work etc.) and where you would like to buy. Suburb Seeker then draws on recent sales data for that area, and surrounding suburbs, to indicate the likelihood of finding a match. These requirements can also be used to refine your search and discover what you may need to trade-off to buy in your ideal suburb, or what you could gain by looking elsewhere.

For example, first home buyers looking to buy a three-bedroom property in Auckland city with a budget of $805,000 (Auckland’s median house price*) would find they could afford 50-75% of three-bedroom apartments in Mount Albert,  compared to just 0-25% of properties in Epsom.  

The tool also returns a city-wide map displaying neighbouring suburbs where the buyer’s requirements are met within budget. If buying a home within budget in one suburb looks unlikely, ASB Suburb Seeker suggests nearby suburbs you could possibly afford, outside of where you are looking.

Results are based on historical sales data for the area, which is updated weekly.

(Note: Darker yellow indicates more options available, lighter yellow indicates fewer options in the area)

ASB Suburb Seeker is co-designed by property valuation provider Valocity and uses data provided by councils and Land Information New Zealand.

The tool works on desktop or mobile and can be used by buyers across New Zealand.

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