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We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Figure.NZ, a start-up that aims to empower New Zealanders by enabling them to make sense of data.

Figure.NZ’s perspective is that everyone should be able to use and access data, and all New Zealanders will benefit from the ability to make evidence-based decisions. Lillian Grace, CEO Figure.NZ explains “For the first time, we now live in a world where it’s easy to share information widely and our best future can now be created by everyone making informed decisions. Data is certainly not the only input for good decisions, but it’s a very important component that has been missing until now.”

While the necessary data is already there, it’s hidden across hundreds of websites and held in thousands of spreadsheets and databases; finding and interpreting it takes a lot of time and skill that most people don’t have. Figure.NZ is the answer to that – it pulls together data from New Zealand’s public sector, private sector and academia in one place and presents it in easy-to-interpret colourful tables and graphs. It allows all New Zealanders to access the right data to make informed decisions.

The first collaboration between ASB, Figure.NZ and Statistics NZ is Business Figures - a specialised area of Figure.NZ which presents a range of business information in one place. It gives businesses a tool for quickly obtaining business-specific data to help guide their business decisions. You can search for data by business type and location – such as a florist in Nelson, or suppliers to cruise ships in Auckland. Its purpose is to support New Zealand businesses by equipping them with the data to form insights.

Because Figure.NZ’s main focus is to democratise data, access to the website is free to everyone. Rather than making money from paying users, it relies on partners like ASB, and customers who publish their data for New Zealand.


Example of some of the data available on Figure.NZ


Example of some of the data available on Figure.NZ

At ASB we find data is fundamental to our success, as well as the success of our clients. The progression of New Zealand businesses is critical to New Zealand’s future, so we stand behind initiatives that enable Kiwi businesses to grow.

We’re extremely proud to be able to support Figure.NZ in this venture, and ultimately help New Zealand businesses achieve their ambitions.

Explore Business Figures now or read more about Figure.NZ.

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