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An All Blacks Perspective

Steve Jurkovich, ASB Executive General Manager Corporate, Commercial and Rural, introduces our business ambition series- an All Blacks perspective.


When I watch top athletes and professional sports teams perform at their best, I often think about the lessons the corporate world can take from the sports field.

Large, successful sports teams are a business in themselves, and their strategies to nurture talent and ensure success offer many lessons to businesses and those of us who manage large teams of people.

The parallels between sporting and business teams is something we have explored at ASB through a series of exclusive interviews with key members of the team behind the All Blacks, who have helped shape the team at the top of their international game.

These include New Zealand Rugby’s high performance manager Don Tricker, nutritionist Kat Darry and Sevens rugby coach Sir Gordon Tietjens - who freely share the lessons and practices that have helped make the All Blacks so successful in a way that can be applied to business.

We’re sharing these video interviews on our website here along with resources to help you put these insights into practice.

There’s a lot we can learn from a team like the All Blacks. Businesses are made up of teams too. ASB is a team with a goal to be unbeatable (just like the All Blacks) with a strong focus on leadership, culture and talent development.

Of course teams aren’t just what you see on the field. They have huge support structures around them to inspire, motivate and help them improve. That’s something we also identify with at ASB in terms of the way we want to work with our business customers – to inspire them to achieve their ambitions.

Click here to watch the videos.

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Thanks for the blog, read about this initiative in the Herald, watched all the videos, highly recommend watching them and their application of All Black strategy to business (& vice versa). Well done ASB and thanks to AB management for sharing with us some insights how success in anything requires character, culture, commitment and competitiveness, culture with a capital C!
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When peter Druker first stated that culture eats strategy for breakfast I realized that I had to rethink my understanding of strategy and why so many organisations get its execution so wrong, Simple, it is their low performing culture and its awareness is often unknown and unseen
Great read, thanks
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