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Know where your money goes with Track My Spending


Be more successful with your money by keeping an eye on where your money is going with ASB’s Track My Spending. This free service is built right in to FastNet Classic, our award-winning online banking platform.

Track My Spending gives you the ability to manage your spending and meet your goals. You can code regular transactions, like supermarket visits or transport costs, to visualise where your money is going and make decisions about saving and how you want to manage your money.

The My Allowances feature allows you to create a target for any (or all) of your spending categories. That way you can really see whether you’re on track with how you want to spend your money.


To find out more about Track My Spending check out our FAQs here.

If you’re already a FastNet Classic customer you can use Track My Spending and My Allowances right now simply by logging in and choosing My Money from the left hand menu.
To set up FastNet Classic give us a call on 0800 803 804 or visit an ASB branch.

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This feature on mobile app would be fantastic!
It's the way everything's going
Plans to develop?
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Does Track My Spending link into the ASB mobile app? It would be really useful to be able to access it through that while you are on the go.
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Hello ASB Employee, Rita Hu.
Thank you for your works.

Please contact me from Japanese speaker.

Thank -you.
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Hi Kayoko,

To discuss your Term Deposit and request for a Japanese speaker you would need to please call our Contact Centre during business hours on +64 9 306 3000 (toll charges apply).

Thanks, ^SS
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Any plans to put this on android? I think it would be an awesome addition
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