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Hi, disappointed with the St John Ambulance promotion again missed out! Not everyone has facebook and would have thought would see this advertised on the ASB Log in page - which i log in everyday and was not the case! Customers of ASB should be let know first about the promotion.
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Its great to know that ASB has a special corner for kids and you have been the showcase of excellence and commitment.
I do question the safety of kids with ASB though.
I am not a frustrated customer but an observer and this is what I have observed.
We went to ASB Broadway two weeks ago and saw a little girl about 10 years old accessing the entire branch doors by entering the codes on her own. My daughter used to work for ASB in the 1980's and she never applied this to my grandchildren.
I bet you, she went to every single door that has an access code. Upstairs, downstairs, doors by the lifts, I can imagine its the managers office.

So my question is that, if this is allowed ? Is this legally allowed ? Not only the security and safety of customers is being compromised not forgetting the law has been breached, but the poor child.

What is someone was noticing this like we did and then plans to threaten the kid or harms her for stealing the codes ?
We went another time and then another time and another time – This continued to happen, you should be able to look into the cameras and see the exact number of days and since when. It was definitely one Sunday as we were coming back from our trip to talk to some Banker about a credit card.

This is ridiculously unbelievable. Me and all my known will never visit ASB Broadway until this is resolved and published somewhere. You are liable to provide a reason for playing with the security of the customers, staff and the child herself.
You owe an apology to the entire public.

ANZ, BNZ and other banks dont allow this. What if the kid has told all her school friends about the codes and no wonder the entire society knows the codes by now ??
So ASB is inviting to be looted ??
Someone needs to make the child's parent educated I must say that the managers have displayed a height of incompetent behavior and failed in their duty, insulting the customers, the society and their own employer that earns them their daily bread.

Will someone provide an answer ? And by the way if this is allowed and you are coming up with an excuse, we are more than happy to accept this and this will be a great revolution.
I personally know about 25 families who struggle to raise their kids and are working for ASB , who would not need to pay for preschool or before care ( like my daughter does ) and bring their kids to ASB shops each day. How stupid is that ? And then slowly all ASB employees will bring their kids to work and imagine emplyees of ANZ, BNZ, Kiwibank and many will be keen to join ASB so that they could bring their kids and tell them the codes.
Its just not fooling the customers and your leadership team who probably have had sleepless nights working to be number one, but this is HAVOC.
Do you have an area manager who should keep an eye or do they just drive ASB cars and drink free Coffee's all day ?

So now come up with an excuse or delete the camera recordings or simply FIX this, and APOLOGIES TO ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS WHOSE LIVES MAY HAVE BEEN IN THREAT INCLUDING OURS.
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i fed calling asb they posted my statement by my req .them to send to india i didn't get statement yet they can send through courier even they can email me i can by v
charge but threy have issue in dis i don.'t by simple post it will reached at my home on week 2week month or what..even they can provide me tracking n kiwi bank not deal dis kind..they underwstand the problem of customer me ans or reply
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Hi Amit, we’re sorry you’re still experiencing issues obtaining this stamped statement.
As email is unsecure, we are unable to send personal information or account details via this method.
We are able to post this information or send it by fax to you, please send us a secure message via FastNet confirming your address or a fax number, and we’ll arrange this for you.
Alternatively, chat with us via our Virtual Branch on our Facebook page or give us another call on +64 9 306 3000. Thanks ^HM
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I am a new asb customer I think you could improve the automatic payment section so as to include the stored bill payees instead of having to enter account numbers like you can for one off payments
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Nabil Garabet
Nabil Garabet May 27, 2014 7:16 PM
Hello ASB,

It would be very nice if ASB can improve its Fastnet Classic to include a preview or alert of up coming payments on each account as soon as they are booked in to be withdrawn , amounts like direct debits which are not really known until then.
This would be a smart addition if practical.
Otherwise, Keep up the good work team
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Great to see a bank with a blog!
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Looking for someone at the bank to communicate with regarding a foreclosed home the bank current has title to.
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Hi John, please call our team on 0800 803 804 to discuss your query. Thanks. ^BR
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Really cool to see you guys have a blog. Considering all the other Social Media channels you're in, it's about time! Looking forward to seeing more of your content.
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Thanks Mark! We are looking forward to sharing more on our blog, but also keen to hear suggestions of topics for posts from everyone. ^SM
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