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Treat yourself with True Rewards


We’re making reward programmes easier with ASB True Rewards. You can earn fantastic rewards quickly, just by using your ASB credit card.

ASB True Rewards is unlike any other credit card rewards programme due to its simplicity, flexibility and transparency.

Instant redemption
You can use your True Rewards Dollars from the moment you earn them with your True Rewards card. It’s like an EFTPOS card, loaded with your True Rewards Dollars which you can spend  at any of our partner stores. From booking your next holiday or going to the movies, to buying flash new shoes, new appliances or some essentials – there is not much you can’t buy with True Rewards .
If you prefer the convenience of online shopping,  you can also order rewards from the True Rewards online store.
Simple structure

We’ve tried to make True Rewards as simple and easy as possible. That’s why every True Rewards Dollar you earn is worth $1. This makes it easier to understand how much you have to spend and to save for the rewards you really want. The amount of True Rewards Dollars you earn differs depending on the type of credit card you have: you’ll get 1 True Rewards Dollar for every $150 you spend on a Standard card, $130 you spend on a Gold card, or $100 you spend on a Platinum card.

No expiry

Unlike other rewards programmes which only give you a limited time to claim the rewards you’ve earned, True Rewards Dollars never expire. This means you can save them up for something you really want, and redeem them at a time that suits you, not your bank.

Stay informed

It’s easy to keep track of your True Rewards Dollar balance online through FastNet Classic or via ASB Mobile when you’re on the go. You can also choose to receive a monthly True Rewards email to stay up to date with the latest exclusive deals and new additions to our online store.

You can join ASB True Rewards here.

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Please bring back the ability to pay for my annual account fee & true rewards membership fee.. thanks!
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I agree, the main reason I have true rewards is to pay these fees. Anything else is a bonus, but with both banking rewards and Countdown being removed there is really nothing I want to spend my rewards on. And the lack of communication about the withdrawal of banking rewards is not appreciated.
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I usually use true rewards to buy things at Countdown and like to pay the bank fees (credit card) . But now....we can't do that way ..... Seems no reason for me to join true rewards programme .... I am thinking to quit true rewards and save 20 dollars each year!
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I'm with Sharon and Jacqui... went to Countdown today and got card rejected .. embarassing. Total lack of comunication from fuel and no groceries, time to review credit cards. No reason to use this card anymore. Switch to Kiwibank maybe .. at least good airdollars.
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Hi Jo, we notified True Rewards customers of the changes to our partners via email and direct mail. You can find a full list of our True Rewards partners here: Thanks, ^TF
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ASB bank has the right to change anything in their programme. Actually nothing to lose if asb keep the true rewards claiming in "account fees ". The credit card users are earning "true rewards dollars" by using their credit cards and they also want to know the reason Why they can't use their true rewards dollars to claim the true rewards account fees???
I really hope ASB Bank can explain something about it.
Thanks for viewing.
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True rewards WERE one of the better loyalty card. Very disappointing That I can't use my points at countdown anymore.
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Bring back Countdown or get another supermarket onboard.

Total waste of time now!!!
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I went to use my True Rewards card at Countdown yesterday, only for it to be rejected. How embarrassing. No doubt ASB has notified this somewhere, knowing full well people don't have the time to read everything, but it covers their backsides. See ya later True Rewards.

On another note - ASB talks about diversity but its own CEO likens bullying to 'alpha male' type behaviour. I understand that it is the behaviour she is describing, but to cite the male gender as a descriptor for this in this day and age is appalling and doesn't foster a sense of diversity at all. Bullying from managers is about behaviour and generally visible in psych profiles - it certainly is not likened to a particular gender.
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Yes very disappointing that we can't use our True Rewards to pay for annual account fees, etc, and Countdown was the big drawcard, so now that we can't use it at Countdown, what's the point of having it
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Is there likely to be a supermarket become a True Rewards partner in the near future?
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Hi Michelle, we are looking at options and will hopefully have something in the first half of 2015. We will keep you posted! ^HM
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I have a 200 odd balance of these things, slim not about to throw them away, but I hate having the bank take MY money and give it back to me as funny money that I can spend only on a limited range of weird stuff.
To have them do this under the pretence of it being a special gift makes me think the bank thinks I'm stupid.
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