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This is where our 1.2 million customers interact both with ASB and each other on subjects like money, housing, technology, innovation - pretty much anything that's relevant to banking.

We're hoping this blog will become a central hub of discussion and ideas on the areas in which ASB can help you with your life, and interaction, opinion and contribution is welcomed and encouraged on every post.

Our friendly social media team will bring you new blogs each week, and from time to time we will also have posts from other people within ASB on their particular area of expertise.

So wade in. We'd love to hear what you think. If you are really keen, you can subscribe using the RSS option here on the blog, otherwise keep an eye out for when we share our posts on social media.

Oh, and remember - this is a family show, so view our community guidelines here.

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Really cool to see you guys have a blog. Considering all the other Social Media channels you're in, it's about time! Looking forward to seeing more of your content.
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Thanks Mark! We are looking forward to sharing more on our blog, but also keen to hear suggestions of topics for posts from everyone. ^SM
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Looking for someone at the bank to communicate with regarding a foreclosed home the bank current has title to.
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Hi John, please call our team on 0800 803 804 to discuss your query. Thanks. ^BR
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Great to see a bank with a blog!
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